So what do we think of an outing after all this time …

A bad case of brain fog for blogging .. Surprised the Cook can still speak let alone blog after 14 months of lockdown .. but here she goes ..

What are the rules for an away in a Motorhome

Don’t go near ppl .. But.. they are our friends .. keep social distance ..

Birthday and Wedding anniversary usually spent in Europe..

This year The Bull at Broughton near Skipton Yorkshire about 10 miles from home for lunch (Coordinates for sleepy spot 53.956922 -2.082307) .. Our thought was to stay for supper as well and have a sleep over in their carpark which is allowed if eating and asking before parking up .. A take away to eat in Harry perhaps .. Lunch was lovely but so cold eating outside in the marquee which was erected at the rear of the Inn to be Corvid secure ..

We decided to go on to Ribblehead and The Station for supper instead of staying the night at the Bull .. perhaps dark sky for a starry night ..not a chance

Ribblehead sleepy spot (54.207357 -2.362368).

The weather is appalling ..cold rain ..sleet and it’s May 4th .. on arrival no supper ..The Station doesn’t open till the 17th May .. so a pre prepped pasta supper in Harry Hymer and a lovely sleep only to awaken to blue skies and snow top hills and the Viaduct in all her glory..

A lovely Birthday present .

Thanks Mother Nature.. back home to re victual Harry Hymer

Off to Fleetwood for 4 days ..sailing .. (Fleetwood prom sleepy spot 53.924029 -3.034084) The Cook froze to death on her first sail after two years absence .. The driver won every thing ..

The Cook took a photo on a walk at dusk on the of the best of sky’s ever seen

Harry Hymer was so comfy .. still don’t think he is ours .. too posh for us

So first outing went very well let’s hope for many more ..

And yes more to come but the Cook has run out of mobile phone data .. so you will have to wait for the next episode of Travels with Harry


Me n Him n Hetty


That’s Me .. Him and Hetty Hymer like adventures ..I have travelled to many countries in my other life BJ  (before John)

Lots of Indian backpacking trips. .Panning gold in the Yukon..Pacific island hopping ..Far east and so on .

.John won’t go to India but I managed to get him to Morocco and Sri Lanka but didn’t expect a Tsunami.  TSUNAMI SRI LANKA

We both love sailing ..I’ve sail for ten years off the South Coast and met John Twenty plenty years ago when I moved back north at our mutual Sailing club Burwain SC on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border


He is an Allotmenteerer having taken over an allotment in Barrowford ..adding a polytunnel.. a green house and lots of raised bed for his produce ..not forgetting the potato growing areas ..Courgettes ..Carrots and Kale are collected and brought back to my kitchen.. Sound like a few more recipes should be added to the blog … just saying ! IMG_2265

Growing a lot of our own food ..We can’t travel with Hetty till autumn as the tomatoes won’t allow it ..

The reason I have been adding lots of stuff to my blog is because the company who are the Server of my newly created blog are charging me a monthly arm and a leg and I have decided to let it go ..

All the new posts such as  Recipes and Fellow Adventurers blogs  are from that site ..

The Menu button is a map and info of our sleepy spots and places travelled in Europe and a few in U.K.

I have updated this site ..Putting posts into categories.. Eg:Italy ..France and all countries travelled which are in a side bar if using IPad see em in the long view …..

Recipes from travelling guest Chefs are in categories as well..Just have a search ..I hope you find it easier to navigate

HETTY will be off again soon but at the moment theres too much sailing going on……A RCLASER event in photos