Perseids shower

A dull day with an empty beach untill mid afternoon HE went off sailing .. To return 5 hours later ..I read ..not a sitting out day ..nothing much to report .. Didnt see anyone I knew ..took a few photos ..but that night HE got me out of bed to see the shooting stars ..brilliant …a star party on the the beach ..good tunes and shooting stars

A great night was had by one and all at the Squib Prize giving dinner and without any headache / hangover we packed Hetty up ..Thanked our carpark owner for turning a blind eye to our forbidden over night sleep on his land ..

imagefortunately we have known Griff for 20 years on and off ..and yes the carpark attendant has tried to shift us many times in the past to no avail so I think the blind eye is easier ..saying this we don’t abuse the situation and do buy a weekly parking ticket ..Sadly I can’t add the GPS as its not a valid sleepy spot …Emptied loo at the public toilets by the golf club we use bio washing liquid instead of loo blue its perfectly acceptable.
A very quiet drive to Conwy I suppose as it was Saturday traffic would be heading to the beach not away from it..We had decided to spend the night ..arrived and our parking spot at the marina was occupied by a campervan who even had his leccy wire into the boat park..plugged in..I’m assuming he had a boat as well…if not how cheeky …J went to the pub in the marina to ask if it would be ok to park in their car park ..Yes was the answer as it didn’t belong to them but the Marina so in we went..found a quiet corner…We have eaten in the pub..The Mulberry Inn and had the worst food ever so decided never to darken their doors again..even slated em on trip adviser. My review on trip adviser    but a refurbishment has been done..complete makeover ..looking good and I don’t hold grudges long ..After a walk to the beach we did eat there and all was well this time ..image

The area around Conwy Marina is a bird sanctury estuary at low tide full of birds and flowers  wending their way up to the harbour and the weather was perfect if a little cloudy

MINE !!!
Old Conwy

Now off to the Wirrel.. The reason being we needed to find a sleepy spot for an upcoming sailing event ..West Kirby was the destination .. We found a couple of places to park up by a church hall in Newton GPS COORDS 53.368284 -3.154147 and another in a pub car park ..The Cottage Loaf  GPS COORDS 53.351516 -3.130882 We asked the landlord and he confirmed we could stay over night if we part took of his hospitality .. perfectly willing to do that ..Another place we had been told was a good over nighter was Wallesy Beach near to New Brighton GPS COORDS 53.434792 -3.073518 Perfect spot

Wallesey Beach

Looking to Wales

After a wonderful sunset and a very quiet night parked up on the prom ..we woke to a scorcher of a day

Dogs a plenty

Families out for the day

Next stop Crosby beach on Mersey side to have another look at the Gormley Art Instalation “Another Place”

What’s he waiting for ? Ahhhhhhhhh the tide

An insight into the creation of this work of art came from a fellow blogger .. I’m sure he wouldn’t be offended if I shared his thoughts on  Another Place by Antony Gormley


Headed out of Porth Neigwl earlyHistory of the RAF base at Porth y Neigwl

A family are sleeping on the roof of their car in a tent next to’ve gotta laugh at these resourceful people ..  Last year there were two of the surfers who pegged a tent into the Tarmac next to their car ..I think I’d have put my gear in the tent and slept in the car as I used to do back in the early 80’s in my 2CV ..back seat at home and a single mattress thrown in with Great Dane and pot noodles to the lakes …those were the days …


A dull day with soft rain ..The chaps out sailing are lost from view in the mist ..Our first sighting of them was on their return to the moorings after two back to back races ..John and Toby are lying 7 th over all and the hope is they may be able to manage a 5th if their luck holds …A girly chatting day as I caught up on friends news ..We know lots of ppl here as a lot of Burwain SC members headed down to Abersoch in the summer months with their children ..Now retired have houses ..caravans and mobile homes in Abersoch ..spending a lot of the year here ..




Bear  Grylls has an island in the bay and turned up to pick up some friends from the beach in his super duper rib’s even got wheels to drive up onto the beach ..most impressive but a point was made by club members as he drove off into the mist he had children on board without life jackets on and as Chief Scout one would have thought he would adhere to the safety rules ..A supper was held in South Carnarvon Yacht Club after sailing with a Spanish theme ..sadly even though the food is delicious weight watcher portions were provided …still hungry John and myself went back to Hetty and Ham and mustard sandwiches were devoured ..and so to bed to fight another day here in The Soch


Perhaps a little retail therapy ..Abersoch has some fine shops and with the weather being inclement perhaps the crowds of people have gone off somewhere else because they are not on the beach


Squib Week in Abersoch seems to be an annual event for us ..He goes sailing with Toby Taylor and I chill usually having driven my Smart4two down in convoy to give us more scope for a bit of wild camping and convenience for John to get to SCYC (South Carnarvonshire Yacht Club) as we camp about 5 miles out… not this year ..exhausted ..I think too much partying (Johns post birthday event )and child minding has blown my energy we hired a small car in Pwhelli after driving here in Hetty on Thursday ..but their insurance won’t cover me to drive it as I’m TOO OLD ..screams ….but I don’t care one way or the other .. I love being here on the beach at Porth Neigwl with the surfers ..

The drive seemed so stress free after the up and up and narrow streets of our last Europe tour …even the main Street in Abersoch held no fear with all the holiday people parking up in ludicrous places ..The sunset as we parked up was another belter …and so to bed after a shop bought pizza and caulslaw ..yum yum ..
What a good nights sleep quiet .. No cars whizzing about or drunks walking down the road noisily and the Hymer bed is so much more comfy than ours at home .. Heaven is wild camping ..Friday came and Toby picked J up to go back to Pwhelli to pick up the hire car and then back again to sail the boat over after launching A good breeze got them back to Abersoch in quick sticks ..meanwhile made a curry and I read a whole book ..lovely ..
HETTY’S sleepyspot

Classic Hymer arrived .. A big one ..It was Tim and Donna with whom I’d had a conversation with on the classic Hymer Facebook group just the day before ..had a chat and a glass or two .. Next day we had more Hymer people turn up who actually knew us from this blog ..fame at last ..WOW Wall to wall sun shine John had the morning off so a walk on the beach was the order of the day .. Just a couple of people on at 9am .. Perfect ..until the runners started ..a 75 mile race from Pwhelli and back round the Llyn peninsular .. Hells bells I feel tired just writing about it .. We walked for a couple of hours and off he went sailing whilst I sat out to read another book .. OUCH I forgot I hadn’t worn shorts for years .. NO sunscreen on my knees ..a little red to say the least .. He laughed … Good thing I had after sun lotion … Still hummingly hot today .. and very stinging and red … Soft jeans are worn …
The day started with a cool wind with cloud but now it’s sunny again but no sitting out without a towel over my very sore knees … Lots of surfers here today

Making a move tomorrow down to Abersoch ..He needs to take the hire car back ..a 8am meet with Toby to take Him back to Pwhelli .. Me I’m having to socialise again ..sighs …up to the car park for the day at SCYC for the late afternoon race and supper in the club .. At least I may get some Wyfy to publish my blog with photos ..fingers crossed ..I complain massively about low or slow Wyfy in Europe well this complaint is about NON NIL Wyfy in Wales ..