Poor Hetty in the hospital waiting room

Hetty is still in Peter Curry’s hospital for sick Hymers in Warwickshire.. click link a long way from home ..We dropped her off in January on our way to Gatwick airport for a pre C-19 three week trip to the sun in Egypt with a hint she may be better by the time we arrived back ..

Not to be ..Peter breathing in with the mechanics shake of head telling us “Its the parts “and …”The corrosion is much worse than initially thought” shake of head again …sucks in breath again “Its going to cost a fortune” “Shall we scrape her “NOOOOOO we say ..Go for it we say ..Make her better and off we went back to Lancashire without her…from what The Cook gathers another Hymer was taken to bits and Hetty gained a chassis …Then C-19 struck .. Work stopped as social distancing made it impossible for Peter and his workers to work in close contact

It’s now July 16th and still no Hetty The Driver has just said she will be back soon and he will ring Peter to get an update


She’s in a hotel carpark awaiting our return to normality

Arriving in Malta a day early to be pull out of the line of traffic by the Maltese vet dept wanting to look at the dogs passport we laughed!!

Then  thrashed it from the ferry terminal just avoiding a head on collision as we forgot to drive on the UK / Malta side of the road .. Whoops

There is a Maltese MH club who have a few wild sleepy spots .. One happened to be next door to our hotel  in Mallieha Bay ..  Very convenient for a quiet sea view night

Parked Hetty in the carpark and hit reception only to find we aren’t booked in until the next day .. I think I said to J when he booked “Have you got the dates ” but it didn’t matter as this hotel bends over backwards to accommodate it’s guests

We’ve been here four times .. Twice last year and can’t fault it .. My only problem is the food’s excellent .. In one meal I must eat more that I would eat in a day at home or in Hetty .. Ok you say .. Control yr self … I tried yesterday but the curry lunch was unmissable … Sighs .. It’s grass for me after tomorrow’s full English breakfast

I will just give you pointers as to the last 4 days here … To much going on to tell the full story of the  2016 IOM Malta Open Invitation event and don’t want to bore you reader who don’t know one end of a radio controlled yacht from the other

  1. It’s sunny  
  2. The wind was perfect for the sailing  
  3. The WAGs are entertaining 
  4. Just a general good do all round .. 
  5. Monday was another sailing day Dragons this time    Even though the main event finished on Sunday with a prize giving party