Joy of Joys….

We undertook 3 Ferraris …OK OK you say …grins … It was in the road works north of Lucerne as we made a bid for the French border ….and they were stopped … We were making the most of our Vignette (Swiss Toll road payment card €33 worth …this allows the use of all the toll roads in Switzerland for a year and for the Gotthard tunnel !!! I thought the Gotthard would be extra as it’s 18km long but NO!!! I don’t like tunnels ……
Back to the story …We left Rapallo and hit the toll road which was a pre pay …I like prepay as I don’t get a shock when confronted by a machine demanding my Euro’s …Four hours to Como and a campsite just off the toll road …I know you say why not stay in Como I say to tight streets and we have to have places to explore on our next trip which will be Switzerland and Alsace
At the Swiss / Italian border Hetty was shunted into a parking spot by an officious lady border guard HE went to buy the Vignette ..and it must be displayed on the left hand side of the windscreen …stuck on with its own adhesive not take it off or it’s invalid …it’s a years pass we have to come back before June 2015…A Yorkshire man gets his moneys worth you know ….
From Como the road took us to a little village on Lake Lucerne called Beckenreid which was the start of my wander lust in 1961if I remember correctly when my mother was left some dosh by her Aunt Bell and took us all on holiday …my first sur le continent …still looked the same ..the boats we took up and down the lake are still plying their trade as if time had stood still ..
As J is much improved we decided to romp on to the border with France reason for this was our lack of Swiss Francs …and now we in Alsace on a civilised camp site at half the cost of the Italian sites after doing 273 miles today …