The Tale of the two Hymers

We are now the owners of just the one Hymer as we decided to sell Hetty .. Sad I know but we had an offer and don’t have to bring her back up north …Peter Curry’s contacts paid the price we asked but then it was a run down to the Cotswolds in The Big H before Pendle went into extra lockdown as we in this area are the highest in the country .. Not our village or the satellite villages around but the two main towns of Nelson and Brierfield which we avoid .. dare I say .. like the plague !!!!

A dash down the M6 finding a sleepy spot very near to Peter Curry’s work shop in Mickleton where Hetty was waiting to be cleared out and cleaned … How can we have accumulated so much stuff .. we bagged up bedding towels tins and all the stuff you need for long term adventures filling The Big H to the gunnels .. Cleaned her within an inch of her life ..I don’t think she has ever had a toothbrush to all her nooks and crevices..

We said a fond farewell and thanked her for her magnificent performances over the last 24/5 years Driving away from her with a tear .. She is going to Essex ..and we hope she enjoys better weather down south ..

Parked up again in Ilmington sports ground.. GPS coords (52.09444, -1.69666) for the night for an early start to get back in time to be locked down . Now to get The Big H solar panelled .. new batteries.. organise the cupboards .. This I’m finding difficult as Hetty’s were so sorted I could cook with my eyes closed but I’m sure it will all be sorted before we go off to pasture new ..