Was 5 pints an over indulgence??

Part 2

The answer is both yes and no .. YES we’re all up bright and bushy tailed and NO five pints wasn’t an over indulgence

Boots.. Coats..Gloves donned ..

Brrr it’s a chilly one to be walking half way up Whernside at 8-45am .. Pre breakfast to await the train ..

Over the brow of the first hill only to find we’re not on our own .. The worlds train enthusiasts massed on the tripod covered horizon drones in the sky ..Dogs on leads .. Children off leads .. As the time grew closer and the wind chill got under the warm layers there was such a buzz of expectation ..

Railway Children excitement .. and we wait..Late train .. Now after 10am .. Getting colder .. Then we hear the Toot Toot and a wisp of smoke on the horizon .. Here they come .. Cameras clicking..What a sight as the sun peeps through as the 2 Black 5’s with a full head of steam come over the viaduct ..

 People in first class waving to the people on the hill people on the hill waving back .. and off the train went ..Choo Chooing up the hill and off into the distance

Drone video

Thnx to Erica for this superb photo

Back to Hetty after finding J who had marched ahead earlier leaving the dawdlers behind on his quest for photo at the bridge about half mile further on ..

 All in all an excellent outing


Was 5 pints an over indulgence??

Part one ..

Hetty Hetty doesn’t want to start today….she needs jump leads… a little help from Smartie car and off she goes is restored I think she was saying “It’s to cold to go a wandering ” but when we told her it was a night out at the pub and steam trains a smile returned ..

Ribblehead is the destination and an over nighter at The Station Inn to await morning and Steam trains …

We had heard over the Internet chatter that The Flying Scotsman would ,at 9-30 am Saturday morning be pulling a tourist train over the viaduct on his maiden long haul after refurbishment.. Not to be .. His brakes were playing up and the carriages are now to be pulled by 2 Black 5’s and a Diesel behind .. Not deterred by this news as we would get two for the price of one off we trot up’t Dales ..

The viaduct for the uninitiated is the feature of the new TV drama “Jericho”and has been in the lives of most northerners for ever .. I remember seeing it in amazement when I was about 6 years old ..

In latter years I took a trip over by diesel locomotive to visit the Appleby Horse

Scenic dales are always worth a visit being so close to us and in the traffic free winter sun were everything and more ..Arriving at the pub ..parked up ..a little adjustment to the chocks .. level now .. Added the brand new silver screens to keep the heat in and the cold out .. By now it’s 5 o’clock some where and a beer or two with our names on em are waiting

On entering the pub J says “There’s someone waving at us” ..

Only Erica and Robert .. F/B friends from Pendle area and information gatheres regarding The Frying Scots visit ..They were a couple of pints up on us .. We soon caught up and a good night with a fine supper was had by all

BUT the question asked “Would we all be fit and well the next morning to be up at the crack of dawn ” The answer in part two ..


The Station Inn Ribblehead Yorkshire Here are the co-ords

54.207197 -2.363496

54°12′25.91″N 02°21′48.58″W

Woke in the night and had a look out .. People talk of “As black as night ” well up here on the moors it blacker . Not a star or light to be seen .. and certainly not Madam Aurora she had certainly taken her bat and ball home

A walk HE said when we woke again at 9am  .. There’s a tunnel just up there so after a lovely a breakfast of bacon, eggs, black pudding and fried tomatoes .. Coffee but no toast ( no leccy for toaster) we set off .. Lots of people out this lovely warm Sunday morning..

Let’s have a look at the construction of the viaduct .. It’s massive built in 1875 These Victorians knew how to build .. Walked on towards his tunnel Which couldn’t be seen in the distance when one of our fellow walkers mentioned a steam train In these part ( up north) every body has a chat so the time for this event was confirmed 12-20 .. J said he would go on to the tunnel whilst my vantage point was on a stile at the far end of the Viaduct ..Smoke in the distance ..Peep Peep said the train as it came on time out of the tiny station .. Shuff shuffle shuffling it’s way slowly towards me

I felt like one of the Railway Children waving at the people who,we were told were on a Special outing with lunch served in the two restaurant cars at a cost of £150+ per head .. and off it chuffed to points beyond our view .. On my way down back to Hetty I decided to pop into the pub to ask about their charges to park for the night as I’d seen a campervan in their carpark .. It’s free said the landlady .. No need to eat she said it’s still free .. This is perfect for us wild campers to find a free place to park in such an amazing part of England and of cause people will eat there .. I got a menu and even better news coming up to Christmas a three corse evening meal is only £20 .. We WILL be back

We were in staggering distance from the pub yesterday but next time we will take advantage free pub carpark


 We went to see the Aurora last night .. It didn’t show  My thnx to Steve Bradley for his photo taken the night before and of the one he took of my car parked second up the road waiting..Whilst sitting in the cold up at the Barley -Twiston-Downham cross roads decision was made by a concord that we should go off in Hetty Hymer into the Dales to perhaps catch the Aurora in an unlight polluted area

and this is why we have just rolled out of the Railway Inn at Ribblehead … Still no sighting .. The drive up was Autumnly delicious ..lots of golds not quite changed as yet to the reds ..the lime stone of Ingleborough shining white in this early October sunshine and joy of joys there she was The Ribblehead viaduct and a train crossing .. and low and behold a carpark(GPS coords to be published later) with out “Thou shalt NOT park ” signage … Bliss .. An aside ( the pub is with staggering distance )

After the consumption of a pint or two of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord decides again by mutual consent not to eat in the pub even though temptation raised its cash eating head and wander back to our Hetty for the sumptuous supper bought in Booths ,Our over priced new posh supa market ..meat pie .. My own mushy peas and a vanilla slice .. Sounds like comfort food to me .. The evening proved to be warming .. No heating needed .. Waiting now for my supper always cooked by J ..

OMG we never well hardly ever eat out .. Reason why .. Better food cooked by us.. Finished off with a very large glass of red and mature Gauda cheese .. Totally stuffed for about the price of one main course in a restaurant … Burp xxxx

 ..Been outside to see if any celestial light show is happening but no not even a star… That’s it for now .. Ginger biscuits and grapefruit n pineapple green tea and off to bed with a good book .. 9-45pm … Late enough .. Remember we were up till 1-30am yesterday !!


A journey from Falmouth to St Austell was mostly uneventful arriving at The Eden Project site just before they shut to see if there was any car park facilities for Hetty to overnight .. None .. Off back up the road to a parking spot used by dog walkers at a disused clay mine .. Park up ..sort of out of sight of the passing traffic ..  


No one bothered us and we slept well , I love waking at dawn peaceful but for birds ..took a walk to the top of the hill post breakfast  


See the sea 

As The Eden Project was less than 1/2 mile away we were practically first in at 9-30am .. Directed to a Motorhome bay and walked down the hill amongst the wild borders.. Bees ..Bee hives and butterflies  


Totally impressed with everything here  

Drift wood horses 

          and off back up the road for another sleep over in Burham on Sea .. Walked down the beach for pint of scrumpy in the roughest pub with the roughest looking people ever … Next day back up norf … 


Cornwall Day 3

 Slept intermittently ..dreamt of my darling Ruby 

  ..seemingly in my dream I left her asleep on a Gondola on the Leeds Liverpool canal and had to ask Corries Dev Allahan for a lift to collect her but I lost my voice …ekkkkk ..Nightmares send you down some dark alleys ..

Off to the lake to breakfast later as it only 7am …sunny day .but very windy with a chill breeze 

Looks like there are about 70 helms here and HE says course setting leave a lot to be desired as the lake has blowers all over to get rid of the algae which would sink the boats so we will see what the consensus of opinions is when HE returns for his lunch later 

I think J enjoyed his racing I enjoyed my time sitting in the sun with Jackie ..Lindsey and Maureen ..wives of some the other helms

Off back to the pub for their magnificent carvery .. Haven’t had as good since the Sparrow Hawk in Fence back on the day 

Early snooze either pi***d or tired or both as tomorrow we are off to Eden Project ..



Cornwall day 2

Leaving Burnham on Sea Tesco is the next stop to fill the fridge with goodies …Park up and have a bite of breakfast ..smoked salmon with scrambled eggs before we headed south yet again for the next 150 miles again non eventful but having to fill up with fuel again in Cornwall found the cost was considerably more than “up norf “A few grumbles from the driver …but who cares there isn’t a thing we can do only drive round looking for cheaper fuel ..again sighs ..This has been done before so I have experience this Yorkshireman’s penny wise ,pound foolish behaviour ..Now he’s over the shock we travel on finding the lake down a narrow lane hardly wide enough for HETTY ..a few more scuffs on he body work

 Met up with a few acquaintances one of which was off after the sailing to catch the ferry in Plymouth for France ..Now why didn’t we think of this ..cost enough to travel down here we could have utilised that factor to have another holiday ..sighs yet again

Camp site found 2 miles from the lake ..No parking over night so again we have to find a parking spot ..this time a CL site behind The Halfway.

it’s very nice ..small… In a well mown field about 6 pitches ..we have chosen one over looking a paddock home to a White, a Dappled and a Brown horse ..

Oven on ..curry for supper

The White wine temperature situation has been resolved ..there is never enough room in the fridge to store my Pinot G and food ..I buy the boxes from Morrisons …firstly we thought of taking the bladder out of the box to squeeze it under the very small freezing box ..yup that’s ok but agin not enough room for fridge stuff ..I had this moment of genius if I bought the small one glass bottles one gets on planes I could get four in the freezer compartment ..bottles bought and yes it worked so now I have four in the freezer to be refilled when empty by the wine box residing in the wardrobe



Cornwall Day 1

HE said be ready by 2pm and I was .. Amazing …HETTY packed ..Nothing forgotten as I can see

We are off to Argal Res near Falmouth in Cornwall to sail in HIS RC IOM ranking event ..for the uninitiated RC is radio controlled.. IOM are one metre yachts so explained ..HE stands or walk around lake with 70 other people controlling these tiny yachts …sighs… Some time we go to International championships one being The Maltese staying at Mellihia Bay Hotel and what a good week that is..we have sun and good company ..lots of jollity and good food as the hotel is top whack ..

Back to this event a non eventful journey a couple of RTA ..Northerly direction road closed for three hours ..To much traffic but hey ho to be expected when hitting Birmingham area 5pm

Our first nights stop after 250 miles is at one of our favourite places

 Burnham on Sea used many times as a halfway to Devon and Cornwall for sailing events the past parking on the prom was allowed across from a pub selling cloudy apple scrumpy ..sampled in moderation ( coughs) but now “No parking over night”signs have appeared BUT dear readers we have found a magical sleepy spot ..down a dead end road and the sea ..just splendid ..and a sunset thrown in for good measure ..

Late posts

Day 3 Abersoch Raining ..After the stonking sunshine of yesterday it’s disappointing..HE went off sailing in this rain accompanied by wind ..Lots of wind ..I stayed but in HETTY and even lit the gas fire to keep warm ..enjoying a bit of piece and quiet reading my kindle ..I was talked out so didnt need company ..BUT HE arrived back early having multiple capsizes and just had enough ..Too windy for a novice Solo sailor saying that even Innis retired ..I’m sure they enjoyed the event even though the sailing was he said ..crap..and the sun came out so off to Whistling Sand for an evening walk ..

 Back to Porth Neiwgl ( Hells Mouth) ..more campers there now but manage to park up..BBQ of sausages ..yummy ..Home tomorrow after picking up boat off beach and make the trek back up the M56 ..whole in whole a good weekend …

Day 2 Abersoch  

To go sailing HE needs a boat ,sails and a rudder with a tiller attached ..Guess what J’s tiller and rudder have been left lonely on the next boat in Burwain SC ..Lots of phone calls ensued and Stephen Graham went back to the dinghy park to collect before setting off on his journey to Abersoch ..Thnx Stephen ..Saved HIS life ..
These events which are not on the yearly sailing calendar are not camp site booked and we tend to do an over night park ( called wild camping) and see if we get way with it ..Hells Mouth is a no brainer one to move you on sign saying “Thou shalt not park here “.. As long as one doesn’t take the proverbial its a sleepyspot to be nurtured ..Now the carpark at South Carnarvon Yacht Club (to be know in any posts as SCYC ) is a different matter £10-50 and no over nighting . The answer to this is go up early 7-30am before the bucket and spade brigade arrive on the beach ..Don’t be an obvious over nighter ..Car park chap arrives at 8am and leaves at 4-00pm ..So if one avoids him and just hang out on the beach or the club he can’t get you …Lovely day on the beach ..Lots of lovely chat with people not seen for a few years ..Supper at the club post bar ..By the time all this frivolity had ceased we wouldn’t have been able to drive .. HE wouldn’t as I found HIMSELF in the bar at midnight drinking manly cocktails with a couple of reprobates from West Kirby YC…….Slept well and paid the man for the next day  …Tee Hee .                     (We.decided to buy a year long parking ticket to be swapped for my car to Hetty depending on who wanted to park   .The yearly ticket (£60 is same price as a weeks worth of dailies…its easier than being on tender hooks)

HE sailed HIS Solo but came ashore frustrated by the wind and the Race management along with others ..Innis Armstrong from Burwain SC being one in question ..



After living in an area less than the size of most people’s bathroom for three months touring Europe we needed space in our lives to get back to normal but now we are back on the road ..This is the first outing this year ..sort of a shake down cruise to what we have forgotten to pack ..just a short trip to build to a bigger one possibly next spring across to Spain again but the right hand side going down ..possibly into France to Carcasonne….There has been talk of ferries down to Sicily and travel back by road ..we loved Sicily

Setting off mid to late afternoon and planning to go as far as Conwy ,  good over nighter in the Marina car park and good food and beer at the Mulberry Inn

NOT this time …beer fabulous I had “Dizzy blonde”

I love Lamb but even I may have been put off by this monstrosity of a Greek burger I ordered ..not the sheeps fault but the Chef or perhaps he/she was just a work experience..all I know is he couldn’t cook …I struggled through it not wanting to send this frizzy textured over cooked load of sh*t back as J would have sent his back as well so we could eat our meal together proberbly resulting in the staff spitting on his burger or as in Scotland when He complained about a steak the police were called to sort out the problem refund food …thrown out of awful pub we don’t want that situation again so I ate it …I mentioned the awfulness of the food but as she said “but Madam you ate it refund …pub policy” made me smile
A good nights sleep and a shop at Tesco On the journey to Abersoch

Rules for selecting an overnight camping spot

By John
1 Does it look ok ,nice to have it to yourself but reassuring if other camper vans are near( not too near)always leave time to move on to your fall back location.
2 Is it free
3 Is it by the sea or mountains with a view
4 Do we need to empty the loo or fill with water ( this usually necessitates some cost) at a camp site or Sosta(sometimes we find this can be free at a sosta or some car parks)we do not need a mains hook up but if it’s included it saves on gas for fridge and hot water.
5 HOW MUCH !!!
6 Does it have wifi and occasionally we need a washing machine (it’s surprising how infrequent this is required , but when it is it can be a big job)
7 If it has a pool it’s a bonus
8 If it has a bar and restaurant this can be a negative point as it attracts holiday makers!
9 When you have permutated all of the above you then park ,level up the camper sort the fridge and get out a beer (if it has power rig the cables if it’s hot and sunny extend the awning)(this can also apply if rain is expected) get out a beer
10 Decide how long you want or need to stay and start planning for the next few days if you have not already done so.
11 If you are on your own by 19:00/dusk re-assess security or the feel of the place
12 Have a fall back location in case you don’t feel happy at your chosen location( this has only happened to us once )when our lovely beach location seemed to become a gay pickup spot.