Day 37

15th May

Weather lovely and sunny

Tonight sleepy spot

GPS 47.237542 -2.300750

Parking des Jaunais St Nazaire

The Drivers blog …Edited by The Cook

After a stroll around the German fortifications on the headland within the camp site,

German in placements

which appear to have been the location of a radar installation. This had assisted the defence of the German submarine pens at St Nazaire…

We strolled into town for lunch viewing some large stink boats on the hard for polishing and anti fouling.

Perusing several menus in the beach bars until we found Moules Marinair and Frites ..Picking a table only to be told it was reserved …slightly disappointed we where then seated away from the view ..But… The Cook could ogle all they dishes and puddings passing by.

We chose to share a starter of assorted pate…cheese ..Jambon on a breadstick skewer and a salmon mayonnaise pate with copious baguette pieces

Half eaten starter

Followed by probably the best Moules for ages( we had been informed slightly apologetically that the moules where Irish as the local ones where now out of season(no R in the month …perhaps in Gaelic May has an R in it)). We chose a carafe of white to accompany the meal which was very palatable and rolled back to Hetty with a smile on our faces and a slight wobble in our walk

Setting out the chairs we sat and read until the sun started to set . No evening meal was required.

This morning we tidied up Payed up and headed Hetty towards St Nazaire and an aire from Jason&Julies map. On crossing the very fine bridge the Uboat base could just be seen. …At lunch time we managed to find one of the last pitches at this free aire and had lunch… We decided to stay set Hetty on wedges to level… fitted the silver screens to keep her cool and headed for the beach with sun lotion…water ..books and chairs

…The beach is lovely and I was slightly tempted to swim but a brief paddle soon changed my mind cold Brrr. ..It’s a grand spot to stay but the aire has only space for about 14 vans. Supper was an early event taken before we fried on the beach the weather is top class ..25c or more .. just fabulous

Author: "Travels with Harry Hymer"

Me and Him and Hetty like adventures ..We spend most of our summers sailing Now a little elderly for big boat racing and have turned to Radio Controlled Yachting competing nationally and even internationally ..I have travelled to many countries in my other life BJ (before John)lots of Indian backpacking trips. Panning gold in the Yukon..Pacific island hopping ..Far east and so on ..John won't go to India but I managed to get him to Morocco and Sri Lanka but didn't expect a Tsunami.

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