Settling down in our sleepy spot GPS 47.169152 12.812717 (thank to Joanne n Craig for this wild camping position )P1020003in the valley below Grossglockner Pass watching the last of the cars ..Bicycles and Motor cycles come over and out through the barriers now unmanned as the last entry was at 19-15..an hour before sunset and with 45 minutes to complete the ride of their lives ..Darkness fell and we settled in for the night only to hear the roar of powerful engines ..In the fading light the noise was coming from what looked like four of the big Lotus sports cars heading through the out barrier the wrong way and off they roared up and up and up ..Breaking the law but lets hope not their necks …Hope they made it over ..and the Police weren’t waiting at the other side ..We believe two young men from the UK where killed a couple of years back ..Too fast perhaps but off the edge they went ..down into the valley ..
Our planned route from here was to go to Salzburg as it was close ..J having been there in his Robin Reliant in the early 70’s …Brave soul ..Konigssee is on this route so off we went to have a look at what I assumed would be a similar lake to Castiglioni del Lago in Italy..quiet n peacefull…But NO !!! Its Bank Holiday Weekend here in Germany as well as Austria and the car park which is a motorhome overnight stay was like FA Cup Final day at Wembley ..Cars and people as far as the eye could see ..OK we said “Let have a walk and a look at the Lake “..31c..phew …Midday sun..typical of us ..The place was like Bowness in the Lakes on our own August Bank HolidayP1020023 ..Packed ..Sighs ..Past the Tat shops and the long queues for the boat rides up the lake J saw a chalet up and up ..I didn’t have the will to argue with him so off we went up and up ….me lagging …with the pretence of taking photos of the view and the hedgerow flowers ..puff.. pant ..and up again Surprise Surprise ..A beer garden with my name on a pint of lager in the now filling breeze with a lovely view over the massing crowds to Eagles Nest.. The country retreat of Herr Hitler ..High on the top of the far mountain P1020036..and a chat about our next destination ..We try not to hit cities at weekends but some time forget to look what day it is ..Now we realised not only will it be weekend in Salzburg but a Bank holiday as well ..”Not doing that “John says …Thats fine by me as I hate the hassle of city tourism ..its park up.. miles out.. get a bus or a train ..walk for miles to find said bus or train ..Do your city tour ..and walk for miles to find your way back to bus n train ..Phew I feel exhausted just writing about it ..
New route planned ..We will continue along the German Alpine route to Lake Constance ..lots of little place to see and hopefully wild camping places ..Road closed signs to our next destination of Reit Im Winkl..its over another pass and I wondered if the access was still snow bound ..John said NO… Cruising off until we found what looked like a wild camping place ..after a U turn and a double back to a Ski lift car park.. HM already in there ..What luck ..Just keep your eyes peeled and a sleepy spot will be yours GPS 47…798088 12.590017 a place called Maximmianshute in Burgan ..”€4 till 10 am the following morning then pay more ” The Farmers wife said as the thunder started rolling around the mountains and clouds of rain formed ..No BBQ tonight .. A magical fried onion n garlic ..spicy sausage..cooked new potatoes and a tin of beans concoction all in one pan was invented ..Now called Flash Bang Cassoulet..Slept even with the rain pounding Hetty

The route led us to Oberammagau.. A place I heard off in my childhood being brought up a Baptist ..My Mother told us of The PASSION PLAYS performed here every 10 years which was a religious promise by the village in 1634 ..Wonderful views driving down the valleys of green and cows ..Sunny day again and after the rain of the night before clear as a bell ..A parking place was found €7-50 without services as against €25 in the campsite with 40 other big campervans who are on a classic BMW rally ..Early 70’s cars ..and as you know by now we are a two loo cassette family ..A change was made and a promise to find a dumping spot tomorrow ..
Oberammagau is as expected ..Lovely chalet style houses P1020042..Some painted with nursery rhyme characters.. some with religious scenes ..Lots of wood carving shops selling icons and toys .. and A Christmas shop ..Now I know where the Manchester / German Christmas market comes from..Not that I have ever been ..Not my cup of tea ..Crowds I hate em ..but here its lovely ..We actually went in until I got a bit carried away and thought to buy some baubles ..at which point John shunted me out ..
A band was playing somewhere.. So off we popped to have a butchers ..Wow a load of young men in Lederhosen P1020047..Feathers in Tyrollean hats ..Drumming and marching down the main street ..May I say from a ladies point of view the Bavarian males don’t have a lot going for them in the looks department ..but hey ho ..Their Mothers must love em …The Youths marched into the main square and lo and behold a Beerfest was taking place ..Girls in national costume..P1020074 An Umpah band ..What a treat ..We sat down at the outdoor table and a couple of Steins of Lager were plonked in front of us by a lovely waitress in her outfitP1020059 and the band struck up ..Next came the dancers ..Yes !!! It was a slap a my thigh event ..Traditional folk dance ..P1020084Thats why the guys wear leather ‘’Chuckles .. 2 pints later we walked back to Hetty for our long promised BBQ
Where tomorrow who knows …

Author: "Travels with Harry Hymer"

Me and Him and Hetty like adventures ..We spend most of our summers sailing Now a little elderly for big boat racing and have turned to Radio Controlled Yachting competing nationally and even internationally ..I have travelled to many countries in my other life BJ (before John)lots of Indian backpacking trips. Panning gold in the Yukon..Pacific island hopping ..Far east and so on ..John won't go to India but I managed to get him to Morocco and Sri Lanka but didn't expect a Tsunami.

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  1. Glad you u found the wild camping spot and sounds like you enjoyed grossglockner and the passion play town. Enjoying your blog as ever but sometimes I cant seem to leave a comment?

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