It’s stopping for an hour my accuweather ap says ..taking advantage of the lull in la il Pluer (The rain) off we went into Nuit St George
Yet another nice village closed ..do the shops just open for the tourist season ..perhaps !

I think the Main Street area will be buzzing in the summer with the cafe and bar patrons spilling out into the street on a lovely summers eve ..This is how I would like to see Nuit but at this moment it’s grey n cold

Now to find the white burgundy promised to my son Daniel ..

Screams !!!€199 for a bottle of Grand Cru Nuit St George..Gulped as we entered the Cave de Vin “Would you like to taste Madam ” ” No Thnx “came the reply “we’re driving ” A very pleasent young man let us wander around ..looking lovingly at the array of yummy looking wine ..and yes we have bought Daniel one ..one for us and one for our hosts in our next calling off spot in Paray le Monial We’ve brought a block of good old Lancashire cheese from Beeches in the village for them as well ..plus some local Moorhouses beer ..

The wine haul was just over €70 but when in Burgundy it has to be done ..Gulps again …

On leaving Nuit St George the sun shone ..lovely we thought ..but looking to the west a lot of blackness ..was it smoke …No it’s bloody snow ..gusting across the vines which appeared to be as far as the eye could see ..what a storm to be driving in ..and in 15 minutes the sun is shining again for us to have a look around Paray le Monial in the heart of Charolais-Brionnais

Not knowing what to expect from this town of Paray le Monial we headed for a spire and found the most interesting of medieval streets dating back to the 13c IMG_0661..

Wandering around the streets we came on a church of huge proportions ..The Basilica ..founded in 973 …finished in 1092 which according to the tourist woman was the next biggest after St Peters in Rome impressive ..will add photos when internet is strong enough to load em ..IMG_0660

Of to see my friend who live just three miles outside Paray ..and got majorly lost ..making her have to get in her car to get us …wrong canal bridge ..received a lovely welcome

Tomorrow is off to the garage to get the alternator belt sorted …and stop the squealing pig …

Author: "Travels with Harry Hymer"

Me and Him and Hetty like adventures ..We spend most of our summers sailing Now a little elderly for big boat racing and have turned to Radio Controlled Yachting competing nationally and even internationally ..I have travelled to many countries in my other life BJ (before John)lots of Indian backpacking trips. Panning gold in the Yukon..Pacific island hopping ..Far east and so on ..John won't go to India but I managed to get him to Morocco and Sri Lanka but didn't expect a Tsunami.

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