ALBARRACIN  GPS for car park overnight stop 40.407436 -1.441773

This village is said to be the most beautiful in Spain We say ONE of em as we came across some crackers on the Spanish / Portuguese border last year

Set in bandit country No injuns on them there hills but defiantly a cowboy film location

As we turned a corner… round yet another hill we gasped as ALBARRACIN came into view crawling its way up the hillside ..Stone and timber houses clambering what look to be on top of each other to be topped by the church which again is topped by the castellated fortifications another 500ft higher “I’m going up there “HE said

 Parking is a little difficult as we waited in the coach parking area for a space to become available in the small car park across the road… didn’t wait to long as the tourist are off somewhere else and we slipped in ..”This should be ok ” was the cry from the driver and off we trekked up and up and up ..gasp ..cough …wheeze with a few “let’s look at the view stops to get my heart rate back to normal old Tibetan lady said to me when I was up in the high Mountains of India “Go slow and will get there first” good advise taken on board ..and practised and I do get there in the end ..


Back to Hetty for a bit of heat ..brrr ..cold nights around 2c.

Author: "Travels with Harry Hymer"

Me and Him and Hetty like adventures ..We spend most of our summers sailing Now a little elderly for big boat racing and have turned to Radio Controlled Yachting competing nationally and even internationally ..I have travelled to many countries in my other life BJ (before John)lots of Indian backpacking trips. Panning gold in the Yukon..Pacific island hopping ..Far east and so on ..John won't go to India but I managed to get him to Morocco and Sri Lanka but didn't expect a Tsunami.

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