Trani .. and really rich man .. Yawn


Trani was quite a place ..Sea front lime stone cathedral crazy bells calling the faithful to Mass.. Political rally .. Fireworks…fishing boats… Fish quay.. A meal in a seafront restaurant
and a chat with a really really rich boasty chap from Essex ( he actually said he was really really rich) who had just sailed in from Greece where he stores his 56ft yacht with its own washing machine on board built for him in Taiwan What a plonker as his opening gambit was to laugh at our accents this being from someone who sounded like an eastender barrow boy
When he realised we knew a thing or two about sailing he stopped bragging about his millions and his rather plain ageing wife stopped looking embarrassed .. They were off in their FIFTYSIX FOOTER to Slovina for the summer
Friday night parked on the quay was a tad noisy as well ..
Today a LIDL shop ..Fuel fill up and even though we have managed eight nights free parking .. A saving of about €160 now back in the red by € 64
BTW J got 35 to the gallon Whoo Hooo
Off to see the bee hive houses later after a lovely lunch and read on an unnamed rocky shore watching boats fish and yachts head off to Greece whilst we head off to the toe of Italy



Author: "Travels with Harry Hymer"

Me and Him and Hetty like adventures ..We spend most of our summers sailing Now a little elderly for big boat racing and have turned to Radio Controlled Yachting competing nationally and even internationally ..I have travelled to many countries in my other life BJ (before John)lots of Indian backpacking trips. Panning gold in the Yukon..Pacific island hopping ..Far east and so on ..John won't go to India but I managed to get him to Morocco and Sri Lanka but didn't expect a Tsunami.

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