Vaporetta rides …..


3rd May.. Our first Vaporetta excursion photo of water ambulance ..
By John

Today we bought ourselves a 7 day ferry / vaporetta pass for all of the Venetian lagoon . A bit expensive at €50each but as we plan to stay in Venice for longer it’s ideal. We took the ferry (using the camp sites free bus service to the quay). Then into Venice to St Marks square and a stroll around visiting the Rialto fish market which has been in business since time in memorial .. When Susan stared lagging we jumped onto ferry No1 ..This particular ferry does the whole length of the Grand Canal so we took it to the terminus can’t stay on for the return journey so off we popped and re queued catching the next one back to the park to eat our sandwiches then a ferry back to St Marks for the big ferry back to hopping off point near our camp site on the Lido Jesolo side near Punta Sabbioni
I had sussed that the No1 ferry started at the Lido which is our second stage on the way into Venice . So we planned to get off there tomorrow as some of the service No1 ferries have seats at the front to get a great view going up the Grand Canal. This would be ideal for Susan’s birthday tomorrow

4th May.. Star Wars Day( Susan’s 70 th Birthday.. and our Wedding anniversary 20 years )
By John
Opened the presents given to us before we left UK (thanks everyone) then took Camp site coach to ferry jumped off at Lido and worked our way to the front of the queue ..not too difficult as mainly locals in front of us. Bagged two front seats and off up the Grand Canal for a sight seeing photofest . Bagged front seats for the return ferry too to catch some sights from the opposite direction it’s not quite as good this way. We had looked up a lunch spot and I programmed our satnav to walking directions so jumped off the No1 just before St Marks and walked for a bit ..some confusion due to narrow lanes disrupting satnav and a couple of back tracks later.. lunch spot found. Excellent meal ..We had a selection of the local tapas called chicheti in Italy …Susan had squid and polenta ..I had a seafood pasta and a bottle of local fizz (Prosecco)

Then a stroll through the back streets with a lovely gelato (more than ice cream)each to the hospital( no not that we needed it was just there) then a ferry to Lido ( this was a commuter ferry and no good for sight seeing).Then big ferry back to the camp site. After a bit of a read( perhaps a snooze too) we went to the local restaurant for a spritz ( the local cocktail ..lovely) and probably the best pizza’s we’ve ever had.
It’s a regroup day tomorrow ..think we over did either the Spritz or the walking
…a bit of a supermarket shop ..running out of cheap booze ..Had a lovely meet up with some fun chaps from Australia..a drink or three and a laugh … So this finished the Birthday off beautifully …


Author: "Travels with Harry Hymer"

Me and Him and Hetty like adventures ..We spend most of our summers sailing Now a little elderly for big boat racing and have turned to Radio Controlled Yachting competing nationally and even internationally ..I have travelled to many countries in my other life BJ (before John)lots of Indian backpacking trips. Panning gold in the Yukon..Pacific island hopping ..Far east and so on ..John won't go to India but I managed to get him to Morocco and Sri Lanka but didn't expect a Tsunami.

4 thoughts on “Vaporetta rides …..”

  1. We were happy to have shared in a small portion of your 70th. After departing Venezia we found the Aperol so the Spritz has become our standard drink for the remainder of our trip 🙂

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