St George’s Day


We are here
N39.05329 W0.19786
After a very trying day on the road what with having to pay tolls ( makes my Yorkshireman break out in a cold sweat) and trying to find free parking spots ..all disappeared ..but lots of town driving which means speed bumps ,roundabouts and pedestrian with priority and stepping out on to the many zebra crossings in front of us ..our nerves are shattered .. Well mine are .. I do think J is a very patient driver under the circumstances and that’s aimed at me .. I squeal and jump .. A very nervous passenger …
We are on our way to Barcelona as The Sagrada Familia is our next must see.. This is the church designed by Anton Gaudi
We have found a parking spot (if it still exists ) off the blog I follow all about two people from Nottingham and their dog Charlie and motorhome Dave (same make and style as Hetty but a few years older)who did their gap year but it was two years duration and they are not just post grad .. Late thirties perhaps ..The info on their site has come In very useful .. Or as I say if in doubt “let’s have a look at ourtour”
So here we are in Xerico at an expensive camping spot called Camping San Vincente ..on the beach with a so called resturant but as no one seems to be eating there we will give it a miss .. The beach is glorious .. No one here .. Just a very few Spanish people … Just perfect ..
Sadly we will move on tomorrow. But I could stay here for a week it’s so relaxing … Continental cuisine al a Hettys galley for us …

Breakfast of French baguette choc spread curtesy of Lidl coffee and very sour apricot jam

Very late lunch after a few hours on the beach .. Again baguette .. Some odd Slimey looking pate but very tasty .. Philli cheese salami and garlic tomatoes with white wine at 75c per box … Chilled it’s quite acceptable ..
Another of our gastronomic creations is old baguette (waste not want not) turned into lunch time pizza ..

That’s all for now but we don’t think we will make it to Venice by my birthday .. To far in 10 days … Sighs

Author: "Travels with Harry Hymer"

Me and Him and Hetty like adventures ..We spend most of our summers sailing Now a little elderly for big boat racing and have turned to Radio Controlled Yachting competing nationally and even internationally ..I have travelled to many countries in my other life BJ (before John)lots of Indian backpacking trips. Panning gold in the Yukon..Pacific island hopping ..Far east and so on ..John won't go to India but I managed to get him to Morocco and Sri Lanka but didn't expect a Tsunami.

7 thoughts on “St George’s Day”

  1. Hi Susan & John
    Have read all your blogs with gusto. You certainly seem to be enjoying yourselves, all things accepted. BUT do be wary in Barcelona – this area seems to be the worst for crime in all sorts of ways, especially or motorhomes. Don Simon red wine is great – 1.10 euros from Consum and Mercadona. We’ve brought loads back with us, but running out fast. Do have a great 70th birthday and 20th wedding anniversary on the 4th May – wish we were back in Spain (going on 24th September for six months this time). Pop in to see us if you come back to UK via Portsmouth – when do you get back to Blighty?
    Have fun, keep up the blogs – Susan & Stewart

    1. We are flying back to UK in early July then back to pick Hetty Hymer up in October for the drive back to Calais through Switzerland .. Did I send you a photo of our little Ruby .. Our grandaughter ? Xxxxs&j

      1. You certainly did. Have you got WhatsApp on your iPhone? As long as you have Wifi you can text anywhere for free as long as the receipient phone has WhatsApp on it. We’re going to Nelson at the end of May – picking our new caravan up at Glossop on 3rd June. Speak with you in July. XXS&S

      2. We don’t have wifi .. Unless we go to a campsite which has it or McDonald’s I have a Spanish sim which won’t allow phone or txt to UK .. But I have managed to get a bit of data fr my blog and it’s running out fast … I won’t have any contact other than McDonald’s in France but hope to by new pay as u go sim in Italy xxxx

  2. I know you probably have plans to drive along coast road through south of France, Monaco etc which would be a fabulous route, all 768 miles of it. But if you want to be in Venice for your birthday you might consider getting the ferry from Barcelona on Sunday 23.00 to Genoa. It takes 19 hours 30 mins; think of it as a mini cruise…. cost for 2 + mid-range sized camper is around 290 euros. See for more info. Good luck! V x

  3. Hello Susan and John, I am reading your blog avidly, just love it. Have had several glorious holidays in La Manga when the Young Master was small and loved the atmosphere. You probably know this already but have left you a message somewhere – not sure where, could be a comment here, or on Facebook or an email; am having a non-technical moment … Anyhow it’s about the ferry that goes from Barcelona on Sunday to Genoa which would get you across to Italy in time to be in Venice for The Big Day. Takes about 19 hours, a bit like a mini-cruise and costs about 280 euros for 2 passengers and a camper van. Details: xx

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